China’s Mars rover discovers signs of ‘modern’ water

China's Mars rover discovers signs of 'modern' water

Asia in brief China’s Zhurong rover may have succumbed to dusty solar panels, but while the rover was operational it found potential evidence of water on Mars. The newspaper Scientists progress last week published a paper detailing “crusts, fissures, aggregates and bright polygonal ridges on the surface of hydrated salt-rich dunes” visited by the rover. … Read more

China’s Mars rover finds signs of recent water in sand dunes

China's Mars rover finds signs of recent water in sand dunes

This August 26, 2003 image made available by NASA shows Mars as it aligns with the Sun and Earth. A new study suggests that water on Mars may be more widespread and newer than previously thought. Scientists reported the discovery of China’s Mars rover in Science Advances on Friday, April 28, 2023. Credit: NASA/J. Bell … Read more

China’s Zhurong Mars rover finds evidence of water in Martian sand dunes

Zhurong Mars Rover Selfie

A selfie taken by the Zhurong rover along its landing pad, captured with a wireless camera. Credit: China National Space Administration The Zhurong rover, part of China’s Tianwen-1[{” attribute=””>Mars mission, has found evidence of liquid water at low Martian latitudes, indicating potentially habitable environments. This discovery, contradicting previous beliefs that water could only exist in … Read more