Uncovering the secrets of the human genome: 240 species of mammals shed light on what makes us unique – Neuroscience News

It shows a strand of DNA

Summary: Researchers analyzed DNA sequences from 240 mammalian species, showing how comparative genomics can shed light on how certain species perform extraordinary feats and help scientists better understand functional parts of the human genome. By identifying the most conserved regions of genomes among mammalian species, they pinpointed the genetic basis for uncommon mammalian traits, such … Read more

Mysterious class of ‘strange metals’ reveals quantum secrets

Quantum Computing Materials

Scientists have made progress in understanding the behavior of a strange metal called Y-ball, which is at the heart of next-generation quantum materials and could drive future technologies. Using gamma rays in a synchrotron and Mossbauer spectroscopy, researchers found unusual fluctuations in Y-ball’s electric charge and discovered that these strange metals could pave the way … Read more