A black hole ripped a star apart. Closest we’ve ever seen.

Universe today

We all know that black holes are destructive monsters. Their tremendous gravitational pull sucks in anything that gets in their way. This is especially true for supermassive black holes at the hearts of galaxies. They can tear stars. And, once in a while, like once every 10,000 years, it happens. The star passes too close … Read more

Where was YOUR house at the time of the dinosaurs? View this map

Earth when dinosaurs died out: 'Ancient Earth Globe' reveals how continents split and reHG

Let’s be honest, we’ve all asked ourselves the question. Obviously Britain wasn’t Britain when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, but where exactly was your home in the days of T.Rex, Stegosaurus and Diplodocus? Well, an interactive map lets you travel back in time to find out. “Ancient Earth Globe” reveals how continents have divided and reformed … Read more

Researchers uncover bizarre math behind ‘ultra-fast’ worm blobs

drop or knot of worms

Despite our talent for tying knots in everything from shoelaces to laser beams, we humans still have a lot to learn from a little tilt worm. Commonly known as the California black grub, the small invertebrate Lumbriculus variegatus has graciously shared some of its secrets in a new study examining the math behind its incredible … Read more

Longevity: Scientists use genetic rewiring to increase cell lifespan

A hand placed on top of a very old tree trunk with dark rings

Share on PinterestHave scientists found new clues to improve longevity? d3sign/Getty Images Human lifespan has increased during the 20th and 21st centuries, but these increases are slowing, so scientists continue to search for ways to improve longevity. Healthy eating, hygiene, and medical care have all contributed to increased lifespans, and now researchers are turning their … Read more

China’s Zhurong Mars rover finds evidence of water in Martian sand dunes

Zhurong Mars Rover Selfie

A selfie taken by the Zhurong rover along its landing pad, captured with a wireless camera. Credit: China National Space Administration The Zhurong rover, part of China’s Tianwen-1[{” attribute=””>Mars mission, has found evidence of liquid water at low Martian latitudes, indicating potentially habitable environments. This discovery, contradicting previous beliefs that water could only exist in … Read more

Mysterious class of ‘strange metals’ reveals quantum secrets

Quantum Computing Materials

Scientists have made progress in understanding the behavior of a strange metal called Y-ball, which is at the heart of next-generation quantum materials and could drive future technologies. Using gamma rays in a synchrotron and Mossbauer spectroscopy, researchers found unusual fluctuations in Y-ball’s electric charge and discovered that these strange metals could pave the way … Read more

Webb Space Telescope sees a massive protocluster of galaxies in the early universe

The seven galaxies

A protocluster of seven galaxies was first confirmed at a redshift distance of 7.9. According to the European Space Agency – an international partner of the James Webb Space Telescope along with NASA and the Canadian Space Agency – the term “redshift” refers to how the wavelength of light is stretched and considered to be … Read more

Astronomers Just Found 25 Mysterious Repeating Radio Signals From Space

Fast Radio Bust - Artist's impression - eso1915a

The repetition of fast radio bursts remains a mystery to astronomers, but these new findings could lead to key answers about them and also provide insight into other mysteries of the cosmos. Fast radio bursts, or FRBs, are short, powerful pulses of radio waves detected from space. Some can last up to three seconds, while … Read more